List of wands

list of wands

"A wand is the object through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magic. It is made from wood and has a magical substance at its core. Wands made by  ‎ Wand wood · ‎ Wand core · ‎ Wandlore · ‎ Wandless magic. All the Wands Featured in the Harry Potter Series The list is bound to get a little longer soon, since Harry has a son, Albus, who's featured. The list is bound to get a little longer soon, since Harry has a son, Albus, He most likely owns his own unique wand —and this weekend, we'll. The wand of yew is reputed to endow its possessor with the power of life and death, which might, of course, be said of all wands; and yet yew retains a particularly dark and fearsome reputation in the spheres of duelling and all curses. There is also an element of material inherent- it is rare to find a whippy mahogany wand or a stiff reed wand. Alexandrian Wicca Algard Wicca Blue Star Wicca Central Valley Wicca Chthonioi Alexandrian Wicca Gardnerian Wicca. Wiccan morality Wiccan Rede Rule of Three Wiccan views of divinity Coven Craft name Magic Witchcraft White magic Otherworld The Summerland Reincarnation Karma Skyclad Summoner Watchtower Familiar spirit Animism. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. Only a minority of trees can produce wand quality wood just as a minority of humans can produce magic. Wolfe's wands were powerful but difficult to master, and were good for transfiguration work. Triple Goddess Horned God Green Man Holly King Oak King Mother goddess. Gerald Gardner Doreen Valiente Alex Sanders Maxine Sanders Sybil Leek Margot Adler Victor Anderson Eleanor Bone Gavin Bone Lois Bourne Jack Bracelin Raymond Buckland Eddie Buczynski Zsuzsanna Budapest Charles Cardell Ipsita Roy Chakraverti Patricia Crowther Vivianne Crowley Robert Cochrane Scott Cunningham Phyllis Curott Cerridwen Fallingstar Janet Farrar Stewart Farrar Raven Grimassi Gavin Frost Yvonne Frost Philip Heselton Frederic Lamond Silver RavenWolf Starhawk. Only a minority of poker rankings can produce wand quality wood just as a minority of humans can produce magic. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. The witch or wizard best suited to a yew wand might equally prove a fierce protector of .

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Harry Potter: 10 Most Powerful Wands! The core was used by Isolt Sayre and James Steward when they began making their own wands in the 17th century. The ideal owner of Alder wand is not stubborn or obstinate, but often helpful, considerate and most likeable. A Skills About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy Zelda Wiki Copyright , Curse Inc. They are not very compatible with Dark magic as this wood represents love and purity. Wandlore is a specific class of magic that refers to the history and magical properties of wands. The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core, but if teamed with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind. list of wands

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It has one pronounced quirk, which is that it is abnormally attuned to inner conflict, and loses power dramatically if its possessor practises any form of self-deception. It goes without saying that we don't own anything written here, but I'll say it anyway. The tulip wand is an especially popular wand with young females and males Lacewood Lacewood wands are associated with nobility. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won. A yew wand is suited for a person who is a fierce protector of others. Wands can take new masters. Merlin 's wand is rumoured to be English oak. When properly matched, the beech wand is capable of a subtlety and artistry rarely seen in any other wood, hence its lustrous reputation. The Elder Wand will transfer its allegiance even if its defeated master is not in possession of it at the time. This core is again very loyal to his wielder and very difficult to wield if taken or won. Home Help Search Welcome Guest. The Cedar wand finds its perfect home where there is perspicacity and perception. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view. Sycamore The sycamore makes a questing wand, eager for new experience and losing brilliance if engaged in mundane activities. It is made from wood and has a magical substance at its core. Crystal Wand Crystal Wand Wands Physical Damage: Wands of English oak demand partners of strength, courage and fidelity. In ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonialspecial officials may carry a wand of office or staff of office representing their power.



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